Welcome to Wednesday Night League 






Wednesday Night League will remain postponed until at least April 15th.

Please check back April 10th for an update




Session 1 Begins March 11th - May 13th



Week 3  Schedule "Postponed"




Weekly Point System:


  • 4 Points = Win
  • 2 Points = Tie
  • 1 point = KP course games
  • 1 Point = Birdie
  • 2 Points = Eagle
  • 3 Points = Double Eagle/Hole in One
  • (-4) Points = No Call, “No Show”



League Rules:

  1.   2 Person Team Scramble “Match-Play”. There will be one score each hole, per team.  Every team must finish every hole and NO GIMMIES. Finish every balll.
  2.   Teams can pick and place their ball within 6 inches of the chosen ball. Teams are not allowed to move the ball out of a hazard while marking their ball.
  3.   NEW RULE: Each team MUST use at least 2 drives from each player.
  4.   NEW RULE: To start the match, Men will play from the black tee box, Ladies from the White.
  1. Whenever a team gets a BIRDIE or EAGLE, ON THE NEXT HOLE, Men will play from the black tee box and ladies will play from white tee box.
  2. IF a team scores a PAR or worse, ON THE NEXT HOLE, Men will play from the white tee box and ladies from the green tee box. This will continue until the round is over.  
  1.   NEW RULE: There will be an optional $1.00 KP game each week (5 KP’s on front and back). Players must register before teeing off. The KP winner will take the pot money. If a player wins the KP but does not buy in, the pot money will roll over to the following week.


KP Winners


KP # 3  
KP #6  
KP #8  
Closest In Two #5  
Closest In Two #9  
KP #12  
KP #14  
Closest In Two #10  
Closest In Two #13  
Closest In Two #17  


Overall Points




Playoff Bracket



Session 2 Begins May 20th - July 22nd 

Session 3 Begins July 29th - September 30th