Welcome to Wednesday Night League


Wednesday Night 2 Person Scramble :

Session 1 "Complete"

Bracket A Winner

Jeff Mapes and Ryan Karp


Austin Lalande and Weston Powers

Bracket B Winner

Jimmy Mcbryde and Doug Hampton


Martin Locke and Bill Kolstad

Bracket C Winner

Brendan Dineen and Johnny Jaoe


Ali Najafdari and Greg Mendoza


Session 2 "Complete" 

Bracket A

Jeff Mapes and Nathan Mapes              1st Place

Aaron Wabschall and Grant Gayman              2nd Place

Jeff Kovitz and Steve Mcfarland           3rd Place


Bracket B

Rob Lamuyan and Scott Marchione                1st Place

Martin Locke and Bill Kolstad             2nd Place

Joe Henderson and John Hyde             3rd Place


Bracket C

Johnny Jaco and Brendan Dineen                   1st Place

Jake Carter and Scott Olsen                           2nd Place

Shawn Sly and Kevin Fitzpatrick           3rd Place


Bracket D

George Cook and Mike Miller              1st Place

Clinton Miller and Rob Carpenter                  2nd Place

Austin Lalande and Patrick Lawyer                3rd Place



Bracket A

After an impressive regular season Aaron and Grant fell one hole short in their attempt to take done the father and son duo of Jeff and Nathan. Aaron and Grant fell three holes down in the final match before rallying back and forcing the 9th tee box to mean something. Jeff and Nathan kept their cool under the pressure and were able to knock in the crucial putt for the win. Congratulations to the Mapes for ending the session strong and winning the A bracket.

Bracket B

After a long and grueling session Martin and Bill showed great sportsmanship and handed the win to Rob and Scott before teeing off. While the rest of us were battling the blistering heat. Martin and Bill took the loss and kicked backed in the AC while enjoying a cold beverage. Congratulations to Rob and Scott winning their first WNL session.

Bracket C

As one of the biggest underdogs in WNL history. Johnny and Brendan were looking to back it back to back championships in the C bracket. All they needed to do was to feed Jake and Scott enough beer, until they forgot what sport they were playing. The match started off slow, but by the second half of the match the beers started to kick in. Johnny and Brendan were able to take the lead and hold it to the very end. Congratulations to the Johnny and Brendan for winning back to back Championships.

Bracket D

This matchup featured one of the longest playing teams in WNL George and Mike VS the newcomers Clinton and Rob. In the very first D bracket championship the matchup did not disappoint. Both teams playing at the top of their games they exchanged bogeys early and often. After being tied up going into the 9th tee box. The savy veteran team of George and Mike were able to use their experience to overcome the young bucks. Congratulations to the George and Mike for winning the first ever D bracket. 


Session 3

Scoring Format

(2 Person Team scramble)

  • Weekly Head to Head Match Play (WIN) = 4 team points
  • ​Ties will be determined by the handicap hole. The team that scores the lowest on the highest rated handicap hole will win the match.
  • KP/Closest In Two (3 each week) = 1 team point 
  • Birdie  = 1 team point
  • Eagle 2 team points
  • Hole In One/Double Eagle = 5 Points + A really large Beer Tab



Week 1 

Wednesday August 16th


Weekly Scoring


Weekly KP Winners

KP # 3 Chase Elliott
KP # 8 Scott Moe
Closest in Two #5 Jason Zikmund


Playoff Bracket