Wednesday Night League

We have cancelled session 1 of WNL and will resume play beginning June 17th for session 2. Please call the clubhouse to reserve your team.




Wildwood League Update

Covid -19 League Regulations


  1. Leagues must have scheduled tee times
  2. Players are asked to show up no more than 20 minutes before their tee time.
  3. Only players who are teeing off can meet on the tee box. All other players must stay spaced and avoid gathering.
  4. After the players finish their round, they will be asked to exit the facility and not hang around after
  5. Players must remain 6ft apart.
  6. During Play:
    • Flagstick must remain in the hole
    • No KP markers will be placed on the course
    • Players will not be allowed to pick up another players ball or ball marker
    • Players must keep social distancing of 6ft
    • No handshakes before or after a round




Session 2 Begins June 17th!



9 Hole - Wednesday Night League

Rules and Guidelines

Start Date:  

  • June 17th – August 19th

Tee Times:  

  • 4pm – 5:30pm


  • $16 walking or $26 Riding


  • Scheduled tee times will be posted online by Sunday afternoon. If a team cannot make a scheduled tee time, they must call the clubhouse by Tuesday at 8pm.  
  • 7-week regular season schedule.
  • 3 weeks will be playoffs. Each team makes the playoffs and will compete in their own bracket.


  • 9 Hole - 2 Person Team Scramble (Match Play):
    • Teams will compete in a 2-person scramble “match play” format. Each team will play against a different team each week.  The team that wins the most holes during their match will be the winner.
  • On Course Rules:
    • Each team member MUST take at least 2 drives from each player.
    • Men play from Black Tee Box, Ladies play from Green Tee box
    • Ties will be worth 2 points and NOT determined by handicap hole.
    • TEAMS can have weekly subs if a player is unable to make it.
  • Weekly Scoring System:
    • 4 Points = Win
    • 2 Points = Tie
    • 1 Point = Birdie
    • 2 Points = Eagle
    • 3 Points = Double Eagle/Hole in One
    • -3 points = No shows




Overall Points



Playoff Bracket



Session 3 Begins