Welcome to Wednesday Night League


Session 1 March 13th - May 15th

Bracket A

1st - Weston Powers and Aaron Wabschall

2nd - Al Coefield and Tim Michalek

3rd - Jeff Mapes and Nathan Mapes

Bracket B

1st - Terry Brooks and Trevor Brooks

2nd - Martin Locke and Bill Kolstad

3rd - Cameron Wight and Chance Rice

Bracket C

1st - Ali Najafdari and Greg Kaufer

2nd - Brad Linquist and Randy Wasteney

3rd - Mike Cokely and Dave Ruhl



Session 2 May 22nd - July 31st


Schedule Week 10 July 20th

"Playoffs Week 3"


KP Winners

KP #3 DB Baker
KP #6 Brendan Dineen
Closest In Two #5 Kovvvvitz

Overall Scores



Playoffs Bracket


Session 3 July 31st - October 9th