Wildwood Rules and Etiquette:

  • To respect the time of others on course and keep start times on time, all groups need to keep pace with the group ahead of them.

  • Please keep all four wheels of the cart on the path at all times during winter play. Passing damages the path verges and spreads stones which damage the mowers.

  • Alcohol and ice bags can be purchased at the clubhouse. By state law, no alcoholic beverages and/or coolers may be brought onto the premies, with no exceptions.

  • Please respect our course and your fellow golfers; repair all ball marks, divots, and other damage to the course.

  • All persons on course must be 8 years of age or older. Children are welcome to use the driving range, and putting green.

  • For insurance and legal liabilty purposes, all persons on course must pay greens' fees, including 'ridealongs' or 'walkalongs'.

  • We respect the time of all our golfers and will group golfers into foursomes during busy periods. This allows the most golfers to play on busy days and aides the smooth flow of pace. 

  • The maximum size of a group is four, again to maximise the pace of the course to respect the time of all our golfers.

  • Thank you! Enjoy your time at Wildwood!