Welcome To The Players Group

Wildwood's players Group

What is the players group?

  • The program is very simple and gets a group of golfers together to compete in golf tournaments throughout the year. The tournaments will be pop up dates and will occur throughout the year. They vary from 20 to 80 players in each tournament. Players will get a personal invite through email and will have the choice to sign up or pass on the tournament. 
Whats the cost?
  • The program is free to sign up. The tournaments will have a cost with a buy in fee. The price will vary depending on the time, date, and format of the tournament. 

How To Sign Up.

  • Players who would like to be added to the email list will need to supply their name, phone number, and email. They will need to send their information to the following email and then will recieve a confirmation that you have been added to the list.    Proshop@golfingwildwood.com


Upcoming Tournament:

Date: TBD